Tuesday, January 3, 2012


December 11-17, 2011 was one of the most challenging weeks of my life....This was truly an Extreme Home Makeover that had to be completed in 6 days.  One of my very best friends, Courtney Krenz, moved back to ND a few years ago following a difficult business closure to get back on his feet.  And now he is KILLING IT in the Oil and Gas drilling waste disposal business.  So he bought a new house and completely remodeled it in less than a month. 

So here was our (Luke, Joey, and myself) tasks to complete in 6 days:
1. Source and fabricate 3 cm granite kitchen countertops, and 3 vanity tops in Denver based on cabinet drawings and haul them up there with sinks to install.
2. Source in Denver, haul, and install 2x2 glass kitchen backsplash.
3. Source in Denver, haul, and install porcelain tile, liner, and trim for Master Bath steam shower, tub deck, and warm wire floor.
4. Source in Denver, haul, and install porcelain floor tile for Kids bath floor, and while we're at it, demo and replace the bathtub and tub surround out of tile from the Williston Ace Harware store.

SOUND LIKE FUN??  How about adding the factor that the GC wasn't ready for us and we lost over almost 2 days in the master bath to delays??  And the cabinets showed up 4 days late??

So the bottom line is we worked 16+ hour days and GOT ER DONE!  Here are the photos of the completed product....I can't thank Luke Welchman enough for his dedication and hard work.  And thanks to Courtney and Debbie Krenz for their faith and trust in me that I could get this done.

This was about day 3 in the master bath....once the electricians and plumbers got their stuff done, we had the bathroom to ourselves....

And the finished products:

Kids bath...drywallers still wrapping up some texturing...
 Kitchen:  Wish I had better pictures....we were a little wiped out by Saturday.

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  1. Well, what can I say. Bryan and his crew Luke and Joey did the extreme day after day. We knew it was a lot of work to get done in one week, and that was if they had the house to themselves. What happened was we still had the plumbers and electricians doing their thing.. Bryan did not mention that the shower had a steam generator to install. That added to the delays as getting the generator located in right spot was an adventure.

    The guys worked endless hours into the night to get done by the end of the week. I know Luke worked 36 to 40 hours without sleep. Bryan and Luke and I finished the bathroom floor at around 4:30 am Saturday morning. They did not leave the house until 6PM on Saturday evening for a 14 hour drive back to Denver.

    The end result is an amazing job, the other contractors on site commented on how great the tile work was and that it was most definitely some of the best work they had seen.

    They did what it took and never cut a corner in the process. Many thanks to their hardy spirits and dedication to doing a job that met their high standards. They are true professionals and if you can get them to do work on your home you will certainly be more than satisfied with the final product.
    Courtney Krenz,
    Highly Satisfied customer of Front Range Backsplash