Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Custom Travertine Bathroom Remodel - Unique Designs

Catching up on some blog postings, and this is one not to miss.  This was our first referral from Christy McFarland with Fresh Designs, LLC.  Thanks Christy!

The Jahnke's were great customers, and easy to work with on materials, scheduling, and we appreciated this project very much.  Unfortunately, no before pictures but the after pictures are amazing.  The Jankes tile design was beautiful.

Luke Welchman completed the shower pan and floor, and Paul Thompson tiled the rest of the project.  Great work guys.

Work completed:
- Custom Shower Pan with bench (waterproofed of course!)
- 18x18 Travertine on walls up to liner, 3x6 herringbone above
- 3 cm slab travertine bench 

- 48" wainscot on walls with 18x18 travertine on-point, and 18x18 on-point floor
-  Custom liner to cap wainscot - all decorative liners, pencil rails, and chair rails were from Daltile

Many thanks to the Jahnke's and Christy.

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