Sunday, January 13, 2013

50's Ranch Bathroom Modernized!!

We were recently hired by a repeat customer located in Lakewood, CO to update a 1950's ranch bathroom that sorely needed updating.  We removed a partial wall between the vanity and toilet to open it up.  He purchased a vanity cabinet and countertop from a local distributor and we went with a very clean modern look of Daltile's Concrete Connections floor tile, a new bathtub, and a clean 3x6 Subway tile with a nice decorative mosaic liner of Coastal Keystones in the tub surround that brought the design together.

We complete demolition, old bathtub and shower valve removal and replacement, prep work, tile work, drywall finishing, and vanity plumbing.   Only one contractor needed for this project.   

Thanks for the business Chuck!

Commercial Apartment Complex Remodel-Countertops and Backsplashes

In 2012, Front Range Backsplash went big in landing a 400 unit apartment complex remodel that may last as long as 5 years as they remodel the units as renters move out.  Our scope of work expanded due to our exceptional tile backsplash quality and service provided.  Many thanks to our vendors who have now provided 70+ slabs of Absolute Black granite slabs and 2,000+ square feet of glass and stone mosaic tile.

Our team is looking forward to many more years servicing this project and hopefully expanding our scope even more as time goes on.  Here are a few photos of the units before the remodel.....

Granite slab countertops and a nice glass/stone mosaic backsplash resulted in a huge transformation for these kitchens:

 We feel honored to be a key vendor for this apartment complex.  Thanks!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Two weeks ago, we completed a project for Tim Pepe, a landlord who wanted to upgrade a bathroom for his renter.  We demo'd the existing tub surround, tile floor, and vanity backsplash, and installed a simple 12x12 ceramic tile from Daltile called Stratford Place SD92 Willow Branch and added a nice glass/stone mosaic liner in the tub surround. 

Professional work completed on time creates value for our customers!  Thanks for the work Tim!

2013 - Back to Blogging!

Wow - Hard to believe that it is 2013, and hard to believe how far our company has come this past year.  We have expanded into a 3-employee company, and have an amazing team of subcontractors also that understand our vision and commitment to quality and customer service.  Our new website is and it will be live in the next few weeks!

Here is our current scope of services:
- Demo and dumpster services
- Poured tile shower pans
- Tile installation
- Glass shower door enclosures
- Licensed plumbing and electrical services
- Drywall installation and touch-ups
- Vanity cabinet installation
- Granite/quartz vanity top fabrication and installation

- Demo and dumpster services
- Framing modifications
- Drywall installation and touch-ups
- Cabinet referral sources
- Hardwood floor refinishing
- Tile floors
- Granite/quartz countertops
- Tile backsplashes

- Slab sourcing, fabrication, and installation
- Licensed plumbing services for sinks and faucets

- Entryways, porches, dining rooms, fireplaces, etc.

- Site-finished floors in every specie of wood available
- Optional 2-component ultra-durable finish coats for houses with heavy wear due to dogs/kids
- Prefinished hardwood installation for shorter time frame project and reduced dust impact on home.

- Residential
- Commercial


Tuesday, January 3, 2012


December 11-17, 2011 was one of the most challenging weeks of my life....This was truly an Extreme Home Makeover that had to be completed in 6 days.  One of my very best friends, Courtney Krenz, moved back to ND a few years ago following a difficult business closure to get back on his feet.  And now he is KILLING IT in the Oil and Gas drilling waste disposal business.  So he bought a new house and completely remodeled it in less than a month. 

So here was our (Luke, Joey, and myself) tasks to complete in 6 days:
1. Source and fabricate 3 cm granite kitchen countertops, and 3 vanity tops in Denver based on cabinet drawings and haul them up there with sinks to install.
2. Source in Denver, haul, and install 2x2 glass kitchen backsplash.
3. Source in Denver, haul, and install porcelain tile, liner, and trim for Master Bath steam shower, tub deck, and warm wire floor.
4. Source in Denver, haul, and install porcelain floor tile for Kids bath floor, and while we're at it, demo and replace the bathtub and tub surround out of tile from the Williston Ace Harware store.

SOUND LIKE FUN??  How about adding the factor that the GC wasn't ready for us and we lost over almost 2 days in the master bath to delays??  And the cabinets showed up 4 days late??

So the bottom line is we worked 16+ hour days and GOT ER DONE!  Here are the photos of the completed product....I can't thank Luke Welchman enough for his dedication and hard work.  And thanks to Courtney and Debbie Krenz for their faith and trust in me that I could get this done.

This was about day 3 in the master bath....once the electricians and plumbers got their stuff done, we had the bathroom to ourselves....

And the finished products:

Kids bath...drywallers still wrapping up some texturing...
 Kitchen:  Wish I had better pictures....we were a little wiped out by Saturday.

Granite Countertops and Tile Backsplash in Mesa View

Just completed before Christmas.....for the Mulkins family, our neighbors up the street.  Merry Christmas Heather!

The old countertops and backsplash were 12x12 Brown  Granite Tile with 2x6 black ceramic bullnose that were poorly installed.  The kitchen was dark and needed to be lightened up.

Here are the before pictures:

So Heather and Mike chose a nice slab of Santa Cecilia to complete this 57 sq. ft. project, and even with the island shape, we were able to get the entire job out of one slab except the small desk area which we color-matched with a remnant.  Excellent use of a slab!

Here is the finished kitchen.  The backsplash chosen was 4x4 tumbled Anatolian Creme travertine with a 1x12 Pencil rail from Bedrosians Tile and some Lighthouse Stone Noce with Antico Dot as the liner.

Thanks to the Mulkins for trusting us to do work in their kitchen!

Custom Travertine Bathroom Remodel - Unique Designs

Catching up on some blog postings, and this is one not to miss.  This was our first referral from Christy McFarland with Fresh Designs, LLC.  Thanks Christy!

The Jahnke's were great customers, and easy to work with on materials, scheduling, and we appreciated this project very much.  Unfortunately, no before pictures but the after pictures are amazing.  The Jankes tile design was beautiful.

Luke Welchman completed the shower pan and floor, and Paul Thompson tiled the rest of the project.  Great work guys.

Work completed:
- Custom Shower Pan with bench (waterproofed of course!)
- 18x18 Travertine on walls up to liner, 3x6 herringbone above
- 3 cm slab travertine bench 

- 48" wainscot on walls with 18x18 travertine on-point, and 18x18 on-point floor
-  Custom liner to cap wainscot - all decorative liners, pencil rails, and chair rails were from Daltile

Many thanks to the Jahnke's and Christy.