Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Granite Countertops and Tile Backsplash in Mesa View

Just completed before Christmas.....for the Mulkins family, our neighbors up the street.  Merry Christmas Heather!

The old countertops and backsplash were 12x12 Brown  Granite Tile with 2x6 black ceramic bullnose that were poorly installed.  The kitchen was dark and needed to be lightened up.

Here are the before pictures:

So Heather and Mike chose a nice slab of Santa Cecilia to complete this 57 sq. ft. project, and even with the island shape, we were able to get the entire job out of one slab except the small desk area which we color-matched with a remnant.  Excellent use of a slab!

Here is the finished kitchen.  The backsplash chosen was 4x4 tumbled Anatolian Creme travertine with a 1x12 Pencil rail from Bedrosians Tile and some Lighthouse Stone Noce with Antico Dot as the liner.

Thanks to the Mulkins for trusting us to do work in their kitchen!

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