Sunday, November 27, 2011

4x4 Tumbled Noce Travertine Backsplash installed on diagonal - Completed!

Just completed last week....backsplash for the Payne family!  They hired Cornerstone Granite to install some quartz countertops, and we were referred to help design a complimentary backsplash and the Noce 4x4s were selected along with a nice glass mosaic cut into strips to trim out the sides and window.

Before pictures/typical 4x4 white tile everywhere!:

And the after pictures...

Thanks so much to Cornerstone Granite Inc. and the Paynes for this project!

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  1. Thanks to Bryan for helping with the design of our backsplash and completing a great piece of work! Bryan really helped us get our kitchen back as quickly as possible by scheduling his demolition and install around Cornerstone Granite's countertop install. Bryan was patient and attentive while we were being indecisive about what tiles and layout to use. He was both friendly and professional throughout the process. We will be contacting him for our bathroom remodel soon!
    Thank you, Bryan!
    ,Melody Payne