Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bourlakov Kitchen - Shivakashi Granite and Glass and tumbled stone backsplash

Another completed kitchen remodeling project in Denver!  We provided granite slab countertops and with Julia and Alex's assistance on the tile backsplash design, created a beautiful kitchen.  More at

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  1. Our experience replacing the countertops and backsplash this spring was absolutely exceptional. Bryan is very experienced in that field and has a good idea on pricing, colors, options and different textures. Our remodeling was unusual this time, as we didn’t have a clear picture of what we wanted the end result to look like. However, Bryan is a great listener (a rare skill these days) and he was able to make our intangible ideas to come true. I loved how patient he was with us: there was no pressure and no rushing. He took the time and showed us different stones, brought us numerous samples, and went to store with us. We ended up with phenomenal kitchen remodel that exceeded the expectations and it actually was right on the estimate. I highly recommend Bryan to all my friends and family because of the exceptional quality, attention to detail and personal service!

    Julia Bourlakov